Gaudi's inspired

These two quilts will always transport me back to Barcelona and all Gaudi's amazing mosaics. What an inspirational legacy he has left the world. He had a very different way of looking at things which had me in absolute awe when I entered the Sagrada Familia. I felt like a child in a magical forest of colour, light and surreal shapes. The pattern for Mosaic 2 (2nd quilt) will be available on my website end of September.

Mosaic 1
IMosaic 2

Produce bags

Yesterday, when shopping at Coles, I saw a Mum shopping with her daughter in the fruit and veg department. I saw the Mum grab a plastic bag for some oranges. Like the weird person that I am I approached her and handed her a gift, 2 fabric produce bags. Her daughter thought they were pretty, winning over the next generation is much easier. Then I gave another bag to a woman shopping alone. She was puzzled at first but then graciously accepted my gift. That was 3 less plastic bags being used yesterday and for many days going forward I hope. So if you see me walking toward you in the fruit and veg department of your local supermarket do not be alarmed I may be bearing gifts. 

Produce bag.jpg

Full of memories

I finished Mosaic 1 today. I love finishing a quilt but I also have a moment of sadness because my time playing with those particular fabrics and pattern has come to an end. I also love quilts that are related to a holiday , each time I look at the particular quilt I am reminded of a city, country or in this instant a person and his work, Gaudi. I have made 3 "holiday" quilts, Stars Over South America, 2010; Antarctica 2013; and now Mosaic 1 2018. All 3 quilts have been sewn on planes and trains, while relaxing in hotels and while having a coffee watching the world go by. Only another patchworker would understand the calming nature of hand-piecing while sitting in a chaotic city square in a foreign land. It is also a great conversation starter.   


And the journey continues

I am enjoying quilting Mosaic 1. Had a few mishaps with thread tension which has meant there has been some unpicking but I have it sorted now. I am also really enjoying using one of the Handi Quilter rulers. I only have 1, the Handi Versa Tool.  I think I will have to invest in a couple more to give me a little more creativity. I have the next 2 days off so I hope to finish the quilting ready to sew the binding on  in front of the open fire on the weekend.


Inspired by Gaudi's mosaics

Had a very productive weekend. I finished two quilt tops.Mosaic 1 , a variation of a Yarra Design pattern, was started on the 18th April on a flight to Europe. The blocks are all hand pieced, the sashing is machine pieced. Mosaic 2 was started on a weekend away with my quilting friends in late March. It is my design and this time the entire quilt top is hand pieced. I went to a talk by Kaffe Fassett , mid February at Cutting Cloth in Fairfield, he inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and use big, bold prints. I also learnt that Kaffe hand pieces all his quilts so I have done the same. I must admit hand piecing is very relaxing even if it does cause a flair up of an old hand issue. I am looking forward to quilting both of these in the near future.

Mosaic 1

Mosaic 1

Mosaic 2

Mosaic 2

In Melbourne in Winter even the leaves want to get inside to the warmth. Can not complain we have beautiful sunshine today and no wind, perfect. I have taken the opportunity to doing some cutting at my desk that looks out over my back garden. All the different greens and browns are quite inspiring, nature truly is the master of colour and colour combinations. I have 2 quilt tops I am trying to finish, both hand sewn. I love the way hand sewing slows the mind, like meditation. The smaller blocks I sew on the train to and from work. The bigger blocks I work on at night in front of the TV. I will post photos of both when they are finished. 


Edith Head Exhibition

Yesterday I went to The Bendigo Art Gallery for the Edith Head exhibition. What a peaceful,enlightening, beautiful exhibition. Edith had a talent for emphasizing the positive and down playing the negative. The Bendigo Art gallery really knows how to display and run an exhibition so that the viewer is encourage to get immersed and take the journey, well done to all involved with this exhibition.