South African Artist to inspire

Today I have been looking at the look of Sarojani Naidoo a South African textile artist.I have only found a couple of examples of her work but what I see I like.She paints her canvases with acrylic paints then free motion stitches in the detail. She then embellishes with beads, wool, fabric and heated and manipulated tyvek.  Sarojani gets her inspiration from nature with her pieces Dawn, Dusk and Moonglow conveying the time of day beautifully. I found her work on the Fibre Works Art website but unfortunately I could not find any images that I felt comfortable sharing without Sarojani's permission.

A true love of animals

Today I am looking at English born, but now living in Africa, textile artist Sophie Standing. Her work shows sensitivity, love and respect for the animals she draws then stitches.  The details of the animals are created by sewing with different coloured threads, often using over 3000 metres of thread to get the perfect line and form of the animal. Her animals look straight at you, they engage you, they ask for your help. All of this is achieved because of Sophie's loving attention to their eyes. Sophie is a Wildlife Warrior spreading the word through the textile world.

Denmark calling.

Denmark is today's stop on my round the world search for textile artists. Today I have found Charlotte Yde. She is a a textile artist and graphic designer. She prints and paints most of the fabric she uses for her quilts. Her techniques range from screen printing and deconstructed screen printing, oil paintsticks, block printing to digitally programmed stitching to create motifs and structure on the surface. Her stitched drawings of  children show a warmth and tenderness beyond the dark thread.

Canadian Textile Artist

Today I continue my search for textile artists that inspire. Today's artist comes from Canada, Elaine Quehl. She makes dramatic and colourful nature-themed art quilts featuring luscious foliage (particularly hosta leaves), flowers and trees. She dyes her own fabric, the result is vibrant quilts that transport you into a Garden of Eden. Check out her website to be inspired.

Textile artists from around the world

There are so many amazing textile artists to be found on the web. You can spend hours looking at their inspirational work, their taking on the world around us. I have been looking at Annette Morgan- England and Liz Kuny - USA work and starting thinking about doing a bit of a around the world re textile artist. Today I found Pat Archibald from Scotland. She has taken the around the world a step further making art piece influenced by Scotland, Africa, India, Hong Kong, Japan and Barbados. Check out her website  

This is from her India collection.

This is from her India collection.

Artist that inspires

When i have time I like to Google "Textile artists" and i am never disappointed. There is a world of talented people out there playing with textiles creating quilts, art pieces, sculptures, books. Check out Annette Morgan's work, an English artist with a long list of awards and an interesting bio. Visit her website to be inspired too.