Free Christmas Present

In 2015 I set myself a challenge to make quilts using half-square-triangles (h-s-t). My friends thought I was made "wont you get sick of making h-s-t' "really how many quilts designs are there using h-s-t". Well there are over 200 different designs using h-s-t, so in the 12 months I only scratched the surface. I kept the designs simple so that even a beginner would feel confident tackling the projects. I made whole quilts and I made large "blocks". These large blocks I put together to make a sampler quilt.For the free pattern of this first block " Pinwheel Party"go to my website.  Believe me it is simple. There are also free printable instructions on 3 easy ways to make Half-Square-Triangles. Enjoy  and a Merry and Safe Christmas