Meet the Author

Margaret Eagles, Textile Artist, Quilt Designer and Grandma.

Margaret started sewing dolls clothes when she was ten then progressed to making her own clothes in her teenage years.  Twenty-three years ago she made a quilt for her then six-year-old daughter’s bed, and she was hooked. Over those twenty-three years, she has gifted many quilts to family, friends, and charities. She created "Made with Love. The story of your quilt." to help quilt-receivers to understand and appreciate how very special the gift of a quilt is and to document the quilt making journey.  “My Grandma Makes Patchwork Quilts”  was a natural progression when she started sharing her passion for patchwork and fabric with her own grandchild.


To my Mother and sister who taught me to sew all those years ago
To my family for their ongoing encouragement and belief in me
To Heather for her patience and computer support
To all my quilting friend for their never-ending inspiration