Made with Love. The story of your quilt
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Have you ever given a quilt as a gift?

Would you like to personalise the uniqueness of the gift even more?

This little book will:

  • Help you document the quilt making journey
  • Help the receiver understand how very special the gift is
  • Along with the quilt, this will be a lasting memory of your love for the receiver
  • Complement the quilt
  • Be an historical record of the quilt and the quilt maker.
  • Act as a card, but be so much more
Great little extra gift to give with your precious quilt. Was so much fun to add the photos and cut out little bits of the fabrics to place in the sections of the book. So much better than just giving a card, this will get kept as a momento of the wonderful person who gave the quilt . . . Me!!
— Joanne, Mitcham
One of these personalised books was included with a quilt I received for my birthday this year. Almost cried when I read it. I never knew how much time and effort, and more importantly thought, went into each gift quilt. Each step in the process was included, along with photos and pieces of the fabric which can be found in the quilt itself. So much better than a gift card. So personal. I’ve since bought a copy myself to give with my first quilt.
— Heather, Noosa
If you are a quilter giving that special quilt as a gift ,this is a book that goes with the quilt. It is fun to do and another way to show how much thought and love goes into a quilt.
— Sue, Newcastle

Tips of fill out your book

  • Start filling in the book early in the quilt making process if you want to include photos of the quilt at various stages of construction
  •  But you can also fill it out at the completion of the quilt
  •  For best results use either double sided tape or double sided sticky paper ( JAC paper ) to apply fabric and photos
  • Some photo processing booths will print 4 images on 4 x 6 inch photo paper. These cut apart are a good size if you want to put more than 1 photo on a page
  •  If putting just one photo on a page either 3.5 x 5 inch or 4 x 6 inch work well. Both these sizes are standard sizes at photo processing booths
  • ORyou can print photos straight from your computer onto photocopy paper
  • Portrait orientation photos work best in this shape book
  • Most importantly have fun with it, make it yours